Cable Industry Pushes Interactive Ads for VOD Programming

-- CableLabs Demonstrates Technology from 11 Suppliers at Interoperability Lab Event

U.S. cable operators may be ready to add interactive advertising to video-on-demand programming, based on the results of interoperability tests that CableLabs held recently in Colorado. 

Among the interactive features CableLabs and 11 technology suppliers demonstrated at its Interoperability Lab event was the ability to run interactive applications within VOD content, including a VOD server playing an ad with a RFI (request for information) application. 

Interactive TV News Roundup (Part 2)

-- Oxygen Teams with Facebook for Paris Hilton Series

-- Clikthrough Powers Hugo Boss Campaign

-- Brightcove Launches App Cloud

-- CableLabs Tests EBIF Apps

-- France's Normandie TV Tests HbbTV Standard

-- Univision Launches Web Novela 

-- SeaChange Debuts Advanced Ad Platform

  • Oxygen built a Facebook application viewers can use during the premiere of its new series starring Paris Hilton. "The World According to Paris," set to debut June 1, will include a live video stream and chat function on Facebook. The Facebook application is an extension of OxygenLive, the network's two-screen experience. More

Cable Operators Test Sharing of Premium Content on Home Network Devices


CableLabs said it recently hosted a demonstration that saw 10 industry technology suppliers showing how they could share premium content from a DVR on a home network, shuttling the content to connected TVs and other devices. It also demonstrated how to use a mobile phone to select content form a home network device, and control playing that content on another device such as a TV set. 

Interactive TV News Round-Up (I): BBC Red Button, CableLabs, Cablevision, Comcast

--BBC Releases Red-Button Programming Schedule through January 28th
--CableLabs and Cable Europe Labs Agree to Expand their Collaboration
--Cablevision's "Optimum Value" Campaign Highlights Interactive TV Shopping and Advertising Services
--Comcast Launches VOD Offering Commemorating Kennedy Presidency

Here is the first of two round-ups of some other interactive TV-related news stories we didn't have room for in this issue:

"Cable, CE and Content: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing TV Ecosystem" at TVOT NYC Intensive

[itvt] is pleased to present an AUDIO RECORDING of "Cable, CE and Content: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing TV Ecosystem," a keynote fireside session from TVOT NYC Intensive (November 18th, 2010).

The panelists for the session were:

Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Bravo, Brightcove, CableLabs, CBS, Clicker, Clikthrough

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been on the road the past few weeks, we are covering recent news in round-up/summary form. Due to the volume of news we are covering in this issue, our summaries are somewhat more abbreviated than usual (note: extensive background information on most of the companies and technologies covered in this issue can be found by using's search functionality). We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers: our regular daily news coverage will return shortly.

Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Boxee, Bravo, Bright House Networks, BT Vision, BlackArrow (SeaChange), Brightcove, CableLabs, Cablevision, Canoe Ventures

[itvt]'s daily news coverage went on hiatus October 18th in order to allow our editorial staff to work full time on TVOT NYC Intensive. This issue contains a round-up of some of the major interactive TV-related news stories that have broken since then. Due to the volume of news we are covering in this issue, our summaries of each item are somewhat more abbreviated than usual (note: extensive background information on most of the companies and technologies covered in this issue can be found by using's search functionality). We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers.

News Round-Up (III): BuddyTV, CableLabs, Canoe Ventures, Channel 4, Coincident TV

--BuddyTV Launches Social TV App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
--CableLabs to Demo EBIF and tru2way Tools at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo
--Verklin: Multiple Broadcasters Signing Up for Canoe's Interactive TV Ads
--Canoe Teams with ANA on "CEE MEE" Project, Extends Relationship with VCU Brandcenter
--Channel 4 Interactive TV Show, Seven Days, Fails to Find an Audience

Because the [itvt] editorial team is busy working on TVOT NYC Intensive (November 18th in New York City), our new show on the national interactive TV platform and the emerging ITV economy, we are covering recent news in round-up/summary form. We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers.

CableLabs Publishes 3D Content Encoding Specification

--3D Round-Up: DirecTV, Panasonic, Softel, Verizon

US cable-industry research, development and standardization body, CableLabs, said Wednesday that it has published a new specification as a guide for producers, programmers and aggregators of stereoscopic 3D programming. The new spec--entitled Content Encoding Profiles (CEP) 3.0 Specification (OC-SP-CEP3.0-I01-100827), and representing CableLabs' first 3D content encoding spec--can be viewed here in the OpenCable Specifications area of the CableLabs Web site.

Companies Showcase Advanced/Interactive TV Technologies at CableLabs Innovation Showcase


US cable-industry research, development and standards organization, CableLabs, has provided some information on the technologies that were featured at its Innovation Showcase, Monday. The Innovation Showcase, which was part of CableLabs' Summer Conference, saw 11 companies pitching new technologies to conference attendees, who then voted for the one they deemed most likely to succeed in the marketplace. The winner was BelAir Networks' new BelAir100SP Strand Picocell (see below):

BackChannelMedia, TelVue Demo End-to-End System for Interactive TV Infomercials

--Summer Conference Demo Leverages FourthWall EBIF User Agents, BigBand BMR, Cisco STB's

BackChannelMedia--a company that offers a technology called Clickable TV, which allows viewers to forward or "bookmark" information from their TV to a personal Web portal or to their email account (note: the company says that the technology will be deployed by Knology Communications next month, and that it has reached deployment agreements with around 80 local TV stations--for more on Clickable TV, see the article published on, December 9th)--said Tuesday that it has partnered with TelVue, the company behind the HyperCaster multichannel IP line of digital broadcast servers, on an end-to-end "Interactive Multichannel Infomercial" system.

Cedar Point Holds First North American Public Demo of its Visual Communications Applications

--Apps Work with EBIF, tru2way and IPTV to Deliver Communications Services to STB's, Connected TV's, Other Devices
--CableLabs Innovation Showcase Technologies Focus on Connectivity between Cable Infrastructure and IP Devices

Cedar Point Communications, a company best known for its VoIP switching technologies, said Monday that it is holding the first North American public demonstration of its new SafariFusion Visual Communications Suite of applications at the CableLabs Summer Conference in Keystone Colorado this week.

ActiveVideo Demo's CloudTV Platform, Home Media Server at CableLabs Summer Conference

Cloud-based interactive TV specialist, ActiveVideo Networks, has announced its exhibit line-up for the CableLabs Summer Conference, which is underway this week (August 15th-18th) in Keystone, CO. According to the company, its demo's at the event will illustrate how the principles of cloud-based processing can enable operators to provide their customers with enhanced content distribution both to and within the home.

SeaChange to Launch EBIF QoS Solution at CableLabs Summer Conference

--Will also Showcase its Watch & Buy Interactive TV Commerce Solution for VOD

VOD and advanced advertising technology provider, SeaChange International, contacted [itvt] Wednesday to let us know about its plans for next week's CableLabs Summer Conference (August 15th-18th). The company says that it plans to launch the SeaChange EngageTV Validator, which is designed to guarantee quality of service for EBIF-based subscriber applications that make use of VOD resources, and that it will also showcase its Watch & Buy tcommerce extension for VOD services.

BigBand, Concurrent, Incognito, Openet Announce Exhibit Plans for CableLabs Summer Conference

A number of companies contacted [itvt] Tuesday to let us know about their exhibit plans for next week's CableLabs Summer Conference (takes place in Keystone, Colorado, August 15th-18th):

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