Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (IX): Unified Video Technologies, USPTO, Verizon, Videology, Vudu, Google Fiber TV, WWE, YOUi Labs, CableLabs, YouTube

As most of our readers are probably aware, [itvt]'s news reporting was on hiatus for several weeks, because our editorial team was working on TVOT 2013 and then taking a post-event break. In order to catch up with the news we missed during that period, we are covering stories in headlines/round-up format (note: we have marked older stories with the date they originally broke). We expect it will take us a few weeks to catch up with all recent developments, so if you have sent us a press release or briefed us about a piece of news, and don't yet see it covered here, please bear with us.

Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (IV): ThinkAnalytics, TiVo, Tubetime, Univision, USPTO, Verizon, Vevo, Vimeo, Witbe, Chad Hurley, Jash

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been busy working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2013 (June 25th-26th in San Francisco), we are covering stories in this issue in headlines/round-up format:

News Round-Up

--Report: Google CEO, Schmidt, Championing "Interactive Video Ads"
--Reports: Hulu Planning International Hulu Plus Launch, Is in Talks about Launching on US Cable VOD
--MTV Acquires Social Gaming Company, Social Express
--Panasonic in VieraCast OTT Deal with AceTrax
--PlaySpan Launches Micropayments Service for Broadband Video
--USPTO Suspends DISH Network's Application to Trademark "TV Everywhere"
--Comcast Attempting to Register "DVR2Go" with USPTO
--Visiware Develops Multiplayer Skill-Based Internet Games for France's TF1
--YouTube Announces 4K Support, Partner Grants Program

Here are some other interactive TV-related stories we didn't have room for in this issue:

USPTO Provisionally Rejects Two of TiVo's Claims in the "Time Warp" Patent

--Patent Is at Center of Litigation between TiVo and DISH Network/EchoStar

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has provisionally rejected two of the claims in TiVo's so-called "Time Warp" patent (US #6,233,389), which is at the center of a long-running lawsuit that the company has brought against DISH Network and the latter's spin-off company, EchoStar. (Note: the judge in the case, David Folsom, recently found DISH Network and EchoStar to be in contempt of court for having continued to infringe upon the TiVo patent via a supposed "workaround," and ordered DISH Network to disable nearly 4 million of its DVR's--a ruling that was subsequently stayed--and to pay TiVo an additional $103 million, plus interest, in damages.

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