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Xstream chosen as a Red Herring Top 100

Xstream chosen as a Red Herring Top 100

Xstream the premium provider of OTT and TV Everywhere services and vendor of the award winning video management system, MediaMaker, today announced that they won the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe Awards and thereby also listed among the World’s most promising Technology companies.

What do 2013’s Upfronts mean for the 2nd screen, OTT and Social TV?

 At last year’s Upfronts, the big five networks saw an increase in spend of 2%, up from $8.8 billion to 9.3 billion, while cable networks where the ringers, seeing a 5% increase year over year. Yet, the drop in TV ratings, across all major networks, left programmers in a tight bind following the 2011/2012 Upfronts.

 Programmers must make good on their underdelivery of audiences, says Ashley Swartz, by getting creative with less ad dollars and turning out a greater profit for the coming year. Swartz says programmers in 2013 are now using the 2nd screen, OTT, and social TV space as currency; developing their own 2nd screen experiences, in a proliferation of TV everywhere apps., and independent check-in applications.

Bite of Super Search Me!: The EPG


Did you ever notice that all EPGs look pretty much the same? Besides the logo that appears in the corner, all on screen programming guides are basically clones. Over and over again we see the same basic grid layout; time and channel axes populated with program titles or images. It’s basically a glorified spreadsheet. As much as I love Excel, it’s not the experience I’m in the mood for when I watch TV. Excel is for work. Finding something good to watch shouldn’t feel like work.

For decades, Rovi made a good living by licensing their patented grid layout to TV providers, but evidence is growing that very few subscribers ever even look at the grid EPG.

Broadcasters and Operators can gain HUGE Savings in CAPEX and OPEX with Companion Screen Interactivity

As you might know I am a confirmed Interactive TV enthusiast, having been in this industry sector since its very early days.   The main dificulty in Interactive TV has always been the ROI.  How do you make money at it?   For the Broadcaster and Operator it is fast becoming more and more clear, but they have to change their thinking with respect to this area of Television and embrace a change in direction.  Why?  Cost Saving without cutting head-count, service reduction can be achieved and an actual revenue generating service can be implemented.  This makes sense for the long term financial health of teh Broadcasters & Operators.   Companion Screen Interactivity (SaaS based) is a natural CAPEX/OPEX ‘cost-saving’ exercise.

Hey, Oscars' Advertisers - Make the Most of Your Preroll

Keep Your Preroll Available


A Lesson from the Super Bowl 

Fredio launches at CES Show - brings free TV to Smart TVs

Fredio, a new free service for Smart TVs, has launched at CES.

The free app was demonstrated on various platforms, including LG and Samsung Smart TVs.

More at

Press coverage at

Interactive Book Review - The Lean Startup by Eric Ries


This is the first episode from my new interactive channel: 

Book Review TV 

TV Before Social Media: What The Dark Ages Looked Like


Before Social Media, How Did We Experience Tv Shows With Others?

 Do you remember taking two rolls of pennies to school to be like Fonzie's cousin Angie who stacked 40 quarters on his elbow and in one fell swoop caught them all in his hand? He was trying to set a world record and the boys in school were trying to impress the girls.

Back in the day, this was one of the ways people discussed their favorite televisions shows from the night before. "Internet" wasn't even a word in the mid-1970s, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wasn't even a gleam in his parent's eyes, and wireless phones, computers, and tablets were relegated to annals of science fiction.

Bite of Super Search Me!: Social TV


In this session, we will discuss the evolving social trends and the effects they have on our decision-making process when it comes to content selection. Who should we trust when it comes to recommendations? Who are the most reliable "social" connections we can turn to for relevant opinions? Perhaps the popular concept of having everything "social" is not the answer for every aspect of our lives – does the future of everything truly lie in "social"?

The Day Broadband Took Over Our Lives

Broadband networks are becoming more intelligent in the applications running on them.  Your browsing habits are recorded and analyzed to provide you with the best in advertisements.  Interactive cable TV allows you to vote for your favorite stars and also monitors you viewing history so targeted commercials may be inserted for your viewing pleasure.

You can also order advertised products directly from the screen.  It can be an enjoyable experience for you since a portion of the commercials are just for you.  Even the Internet service provider gets in an ad or two.  Aren’t interactive TV and interactive networks a great timesaver and fun at the same time?

Help Give Staten Island, Queens & Brooklyn Hurricane Victims Thanksgiving

Dear TVOT friends, 

I need your help. While displaced with my family in Central PA last week during the Hurricane, I watched the wrath and destruction that Sandy brought upon the amazing city I call home. I decided that I wanted to take Thankgiving to the familes whose lives and homes were destroyed at a time when they would need it the most. 

Check out my story in the video.  

We need volunteers on Thanksgiving day if you live in the NYC metro area, and donations if you don't to ensure that 1000 hurricane victims are given a Thanksgiving dinner with their family, surrounded by warmth, love, and fellowship so that they can begin the process of healing during this holiday season. 

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