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MTGx forms content team

BroadbandTVNews - August 29, 2014 - 12:49am

MTGx, the digital content division of Modern Times Group, has announced that Fredrik Ljungberg will assume the role as programming director for Viaplay Nordic. He’ll take up the role on October 1. Read the story »

Chris Dziadul Reports: Romanian roulette

BroadbandTVNews - August 28, 2014 - 11:09pm

Romania is yet another country in Central and Eastern Europe where media freedoms are gradually being eroded. Read the story »

Loud TV commercials will get quieter starting next June

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 9:27pm

Binging on Mad Men via Netflix or Blu-ray has a few advantages over watching the show when it broadcasts. Namely, not having to sit through commercials that jump higher in volume than anything heard in the halls of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. As spotted by The Hill, the FCC is hoping to change that last bit with an update to 2011's Commercial Advertisement Litigation Mitigation (CALM) Act; the outfit recently ruled for further volume-fluctuation restrictions for certain TV ads. Starting June 4th next year, an improved loudness measurement algorithm will be implemented that should make watching TV a bit more pleasant. How? It won't count the silent parts of an ad that can offset the commercial's average volume measurement, thus bringing the overall audio level down -- something that apparently hasn't been done before. We can't imagine that Harry Crane would be pleased by any of this.

[Image credit: Associated Press]

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Via: The Hill

Source: FCC (PDF)

LG is getting out of plasma TVs too, expect an official announcement soon

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 8:05pm

On the B-side of LG's announcement that it will start selling two 4K OLED TVs, is the bad news for plasma. Korean papers Yonhap News and The Korea Times report home entertainment division lead Ha Hyun-hwoi's comments that the company will end production of plasma TVs soon. According to Ha, LG is conducting an internal study to decide when it will end plasma production -- not a bad run after rumors said it would shut down in 2008 and 2009 -- and will make an official announcement on the issue soon. LG is the last major brand making plasmas after Samsung announced its exit earlier this year, and Yonhap says that once LG shuts down, China's Changhong Electric Co. (the same company once on the receiving end of $1 billion worth of stolen plasma tech from LG) will be the only major manufacturer left in the game. If you don't love LCDs and you're not ready to drop $3,500 on a 55-inch OLED, it may be time to grab one of the few remaining plasmas and ride that out for the next few years.

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Source: Yonhap News, The Korea Times

Hot commodity: The data scientist

Reuters Technology - August 28, 2014 - 5:53pm
Tech companies are amping up the incentives to attract top talent, as the need for data scientists ramps up. Lily Jamali reports.

Hot commodity: The data scientist

Reuters Technology - August 28, 2014 - 5:36pm
Competition for data scientists is heating up as their skills become increasingly important to the world's tech companies. Lily Jamali reports.

The Xbox One is ready to play your music, videos and even GIFs

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 3:24pm

Well, that happened a bit sooner than we expected. The Xbox One update detailed earlier this month is rolling out to everyone over the next few days, according to Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb. The patch brings a revamped party app and multiple simultaneous deletes from the Game DVR in addition to the new GIF-capable (but not MKV-ready as of yet) media player app and bandwidth usage monitor. The latter of which will be very handy to those living with data caps and the multiple-gigabyte updates that have become de rigueur with this generation of gaming. There are a few more bits and bobs packed into the 258MB update, and if you're feeling impatient you should be able to force the patch this very instant.

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Via: Larry Hyrb (Twitter)

Source: Major Nelson

The new SportsCenter app makes sure you don't miss live events

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 1:14pm

Just in time for the start of a new NFL season, ESPN has updated its SportsCenter application on iOS and Android. The main highlight here is the addition of an On-Air feature, which allows users to get access to broadcasts of live events, like games or shows, with a simple tab. ESPN's newly added one-click access, not surprisingly, only applies to content it owns or has the rights to, so the SportsCenter app redirects to the ESPN Radio or WatchESPN apps, depending on the program. The Worldwide Leader in Sports notes that it also made alerts smarter in this fresh release, letting fans see related stories and videos each time they click on a notification. It's definitely an improvement over previous versions, but let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Source: App Store, Google Play

NFL Now comes to Yahoo Screen as it continues to expand

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 11:18am

If you didn't think the National Football League was really serious about its new digital network, think again. A mere week after arriving on the Apple TV, NFL Now is adding Yahoo Screen to the growing list of platforms it is currently available in. While the experience on Yahoo's internet video service won't be as fully fleshed as on Apple's streaming box or the NFL's own apps, it still gives football fans another way to keep up with their favorite teams and players -- after all, NFL Now is all about personalization. Yahoo says NFL Now content is limited to Yahoo Sports on the web and the Screen iOS app, but that integration with its Android equivalent is "coming soon."

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Source: Yahoo Screen

Microsoft now lets you record gameplay with Xbox One SmartGlass

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 10:23am

Microsoft has been working hard to make Xbox One SmartGlass more useful and appealing for users, and it's doing a great job so far. The most recent update to the app, however, may just be its best yet. Most notably, you can now record Xbox One game clips directly from the SmartGlass application, making the process easier for gamers who, for example, have a Kinect-less console. In addition to that, you can use the app to view your profile's activity feed, post status updates on it and share stuff that pops up there. New TV and OneGuide features are here as well, although those had been available previously in beta on some devices. Speaking of which, perhaps the nicest part of this refresh is that Microsoft is doing it across the board -- the revamped Xbox One SmartGlass is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Source: App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone

NFL Mobile gets Sunday afternoon streaming for Verizon customers

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 9:58am

All of the popular football apps are getting their annual update ahead of the NFL season kicking off September 4th, and the league's own option is doing the same. Thanks to the newfangled NFL Now video service, national and personalized video feeds are beamed to your mobile device for all of the latest updates. You can also stream "Fantasy Live" in order to get your roster set before the slate of games starts each week and browse the programming schedule for the league's TV network. As is the case with regular app updates, sharing content across the social streams gets a boost as well. Verizon Premium and More Everything customers gain the ability to live stream local CBS and FOX games each Sunday, and that latter group has the option of tacking NFL Redzone for an extra $2/month. Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps have all been updated, so if your device hasn't yet alerted you to the new goods, they're available via the source links below.

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Via: 9to5Mac

Source: iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone

Neuroscience proves nobody likes CGI

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 9:31am

Cinema screens are huge, which is odd, because the eye can only focus on a small portion of what's in front of it at any one time. That's what prompted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to team up with eye-tracking firm Tobii and neuroscientists from Birkbeck, University of London. The trio embarked upon a project to determine where in the movie people concentrated their gaze. Then, by using Tobii's hardware, were able to create a heat map that can be overlaid on the frame, much in the same way that SMI analyzes sports matches. The conclusions from the research aren't particularly surprising, but does confirm a long-held suspicion that people's innate ability to detect and ignore fakery hasn't diminished, even in an era of photo-realistic CGI.

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Via: Wired

Source: Oscars.org

'BioShock' arrives on iOS with a heavy price tag

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 8:03am

It took 2K Games a little longer than originally expected, but the publisher has finally released its iOS version of the original BioShock. The mobile version of the popular title is compatible with newer iPhones and iPads, which means you're out of luck if you have, say, an aging 4S handset or an older tablet from Apple. Naturally, you can expect a familiar storyline, so be ready to shoot a lot of weird-looking creatures. For those of you looking forward to it, just be prepared to pay a premium -- BioShock for iOS is a whopping $15 on the App Store. There are no in-app purchases in sight, however, meaning that you'll get the full game experience from the get go, rather than having to buy add-ons here and there.

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Source: App Store

Inside Goodwill's game-filled tech thrift shop, The Grid

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 4:39am

Thrift stores: better known for dusty shirts, potential Halloween costumes and used Jenga sets. Well, Goodwill wants to change that a bit with its recent launch of The Grid, a dedicated electronics and video game specialty shop located in North Carolina. The outfit tells IGN that not only will it sell video game hardware itself, but it's arranged a deal with vendors to supply each console (even retro units) with new power and A/V cables -- stuff that can often be a bear to source. Oh, and there's Raspberry Pi and a selection of flat-screens on offer too. But what if console gaming isn't your bag? The Grid also sells laptops and gaming PCs, and, as the video below shows, even has an Oculus Rift demo station set up.

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Source: IGN

Amazon's original shows will stream in 4K starting this October

EngadgetHD - August 28, 2014 - 3:59am

Earlier this year, Amazon said that its 2014 original series lineup would be shot and eventually streamed in 4K to Samsung UltraHD TVs, and now we know when -- sometime this October. It was Samsung that actually revealed the date, saying it would support Amazon's Prime Instant Video UHD streaming on most Samsung 4K TVs. There's no word if Amazon's 4K service will hit other manufacturer's UltraHD models, but Samsung noted it has also expanded 4K content in Europe to Netflix, Wuaki.tv, Chili and Maxdome. Like Sony, Samsung has other plans to make sure you're not wasting all those pixels, as well. It recently did a live 4K stream of a Placido Domingo opera in Europe and released a 500GB drive with 40 recent 4K movies and documentaries.

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Source: Samsung

FOXLife to launch in Spain

BroadbandTVNews - August 28, 2014 - 3:48am

FOXLife will make its debut in Spain this October. Fully localised, the 24-hour channel will be available on all the country’s main pay-TV platforms, reaching 2.6 million subscribers via DTH, cable, IPTV and OTT. Read the story »

Cyfrowy Polsat on a roll

BroadbandTVNews - August 28, 2014 - 3:34am

Cyfrowy Polsat ended Q2 with 4,255,544 pay-TV RGUs, or 3.1% more than in the same period last year. Read the story »

Sky Sports News added to Now TV

BroadbandTVNews - August 28, 2014 - 2:51am

The relaunched Sky Sports News HQ is being offered on Now TV in a 30-day trial. Once activated, viewers who use the app can continue to do so for a period of 30 days. Read the story »

French stations demand change

BroadbandTVNews - August 28, 2014 - 2:36am

France’s TF1, M6 and Canal+ are calling for a complete overhaul of the regulations under which they operate. Read the story »

Unitymedia Kabel BW to expand TV and Horizon line-up

BroadbandTVNews - August 28, 2014 - 2:27am

German cable operator Unitymedia Kabel BW will add entertainment channel Family TV and home-shopping channel mediasparTV to its cable network on September 2, 2014. Read the story »

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