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Updated: 10 hours 47 min ago

Unofficial app makes PlayStation 4 to PC streaming a reality

November 24, 2015 - 11:43am

Sony's had its Remote Play tech in one form or another since the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, but it didn't truly take off until its implementation on PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita handheld. But that's kind of wasted when nobody is buying the Vita and it's getting zero love from its parent company. Remote Play PC is exactly what its name implies: an application that tricks the PS4 into thinking a PC is a Remote Play device. Microsoft changed the game (sorry) with the ability for the Xbox One to stream its games to Windows 10-based hardware and until Sony catches up we're just going to have to settle for an unofficial app that costs money to perform the task.

Via: Kotaku

Source: Tmacdev

You don't have to be a millionaire to invest in Fig's next video game

November 24, 2015 - 10:56am

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter don't deal in investments: Backers pledge money to a project and that's generally where their involvement ends. No purchasing shares, no percentage of final sales. Video game-funding platform Fig, however, combines this traditional form of crowdfunding with actual investment -- and it will allow unaccredited people to invest in its next campaign. This move opens up investment to people who aren't SEC-accredited, meaning they don't make at least $200,000 a year (or have a minimum net worth of $1 million). "We believe that fans, in addition to having the opportunity to participate in the rewards-only tiers, should also have the opportunity to buy shares and participate in the financial success of a title," Fig CEO Justin Bailey says in a press release.

Amazon starts streaming Prime music and videos on JetBlue

November 24, 2015 - 4:00am

Back in May, Amazon said it would bring Prime Music and Instant Video to select JetBlue flights. Fast forward to today, over six months since the original announcement, and the retailer is finally turning this feature on for Amazon Prime customers. If you're a subscriber who's flying in one of JetBlue's Fly-Fi-ready planes, you can stream tunes, movies and TV shows at no extra cost thanks to the airline's newly developed internet service. The experience itself is built into the Fly-Fi hub, letting you easily access your Prime media library on laptops, iOS and Android smartphones or tablets and, naturally, Amazon's Fire devices. Amazon says this is already working on most of JetBlue's Fly-Fi fleet, with the full rollout expected to be completed by November 26th.

Source: JetBlue

Make your 'Halo 5' Spartan into a 3D-printed trophy

November 23, 2015 - 6:33pm

Halo 5's campaign is hot garbage if you're playing through it solo, but the multiplayer suite is pretty much the opposite if you're into competitive shooters. It's a likely reason why Microsoft is shifting its latest ad and PR focus around the mode -- pre-release hype centered on the game's flaccid story. The latest step in that? Bringing your customized Spartan soldier into the real world via 3D printing. Redmond has aligned with custom 3D printing house Sandboxr and printer manufacturer 3D Systems to put your unique Slayer combatant (sorry, Kerry King) in the palm of your hand. Using the web interface, Xbox Wire says you can choose from 175 armor and helmet options, over 30 color variants and five different poses with a quintet of weapons. The classic "teabag" pose isn't one of the available selections, however, but you can make an 18-character moniker for the statue.

Source: Xbox Wire, Halo Waypoint

What's on your HDTV: 'Beyond: Two Souls,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Drunk History'

November 23, 2015 - 5:31pm

If you've already binged through Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle (no spoilers please, I'm taking it slow), there's still a few things to look forward to on the holiday weekend. Now that a particular plot point has been settled, The Walking Dead has one last episode before it takes a midseason break. Beyond: Two Souls is back with a new version on PlayStation 4, and Drunk History has its season finale this week. Blindspot and Castle are also ready for winter break, while Dancing with the Stars and Black Jesus are wrapping up their season runs. Look after the break to check out each day's highlights, including trailers and let us know what you think (or what we missed).

CBS' streaming video service comes to Amazon's Fire TV

November 23, 2015 - 3:04pm

Your Fire TV (or Fire TV Stick) just became much more useful as a cord-cutting device... at least, if you watch a lot of CBS shows. The TV network has launched an Amazon-native app for its All Access service, giving your Fire TV the same mix of live and on-demand viewing that CBS is offering on rival set-top boxes. You're still paying $6 per month and don't get any hardware-specific features, but look at it this way: you'll definitely be ready when the new Star Trek series begins streaming in a couple of years.

Source: CBS Interactive

Oddball machine makes 'analog' techno music with vinyl records

November 21, 2015 - 9:04pm

Many techno DJs are used to playing music on vinyl, but creating it? That's another matter. However, Graham Dunning has found a wonderfully strange way to make that idea work. His Mechanical Techno device produces full-on dance tracks by driving several heavily modified records at once with a turntable, with each record relying on unique triggers to produce a sound. Electrical contacts will produce a synth sound as one record spins around, for instance, while piezoelectric triggers create that all-important beat on another disc. The result is techno that's at once analog and not. It sounds digital, but it has the imprecision and unpredictability that you'd never get from software.

Via: Boing Boing, Nerdcore

Source: Graham Dunning

Nintendo opened an eBay store for some reason

November 20, 2015 - 7:41pm

Looking for a good deal on a refurbished Wii U, but don't like using Nintendo's clunky online shop? Now you have another option -- the company just opened an official eBay store, stocked with new and refurbished games, consoles and accessories. Don't expect to find any deals though: almost everything on the official eBay store conforms to current retail prices (fixed using eBay's "buy it now" feature) or Nintendo's existing refurb pricing.

Via: Gamespot

Source: eBay

Oculus Concepts collects experimental mobile VR 'games' in one spot

November 20, 2015 - 6:35pm

Virtual reality is nothing if not an awesome font for weird little experiences, but they can be kind of difficult to find. Some are on Steam, some are available elsewhere. Oculus is hoping that Oculus Concepts, its new section of the Gear VR's Oculus Store will make that easier. Concepts, like the name suggests, is a place where developers can toss their games and apps that might not be ready for primetime but are still worth checking out. One of the experiences shown off in official imagery is The Night Cafe: An Immersive Tribute to Van Gogh which was part of the Oculus Mobile VR Jam earlier this year. Like the company notes, some of the biggest VR games hit that status because they were released to the public early. So if you have a shiny new Gear VR and are looking to check out something aside from Netflix, here you go.

Source: Oculus Blog

Chill optional: 51 percent of US internet users watch Netflix

November 20, 2015 - 4:15pm

Netflix's robust content library has helped it top nearly 70 million subscribers worldwide. Not surprisingly, the majority of those come from the US, where the streaming service has over 43 million customers alone. And, for the most part, people here seem to be fond of it. According to a survey conducted by research firm RBC Capital Markets, and first reported by Quartz, more than half of US internet users say they've used Netflix to watch a movie or TV show in the past 12 months. The study also asked people about what other video offerings they use regularly: YouTube came in a close second, right behind Netflix, followed by Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and HBO Go, respectively.

Source: Quartz, RBC Capital Markets

Playdate: Death becomes us in 'Darksiders 2'

November 20, 2015 - 2:30pm
When publisher THQ went bankrupt a few years back it was a staggering blow to the game industry. Sure, the company made some flops (oh hi, Homefront), but it also published some killer games like the Saint's Row and Metro franchises. The label also had Darksiders from developer Vigil Games. But unlike the first two series that I mentioned, Darksiders wasn't scooped up by a major publisher during the bankruptcy proceedings and comparatively was kind of left to languish. I'd honestly thought all hope was lost because while the series is great, it just couldn't really find an audience. So I was incredibly surprised when word came down that Darksiders 2 was getting a remastering earlier this year.

The challenges of running a modern VFX Studio

November 20, 2015 - 12:00pm

We've come a long way since the Harryhausen-era of special effects. Instead of countless hours spent adjusting claymation models, modern VFX require more computer processing power than the moon mission. But while they seamlessly blend into our storytelling, creating convincing special effects is still no easy feat. Just ask Shade VFX CEO, Bryan Godwin.

Virtual reality shooter 'Gunjack' is ready for Samsung's Gear VR

November 20, 2015 - 11:07am

Just in time for today's launch of Samsung's consumer Gear VR, developer and publisher CCP is making Gunjack available for the headset. The virtual reality game, powered by Unreal Engine 4, is an arcade shooter that takes places in the EVE sci-fi universe. Once you strap in, you'll play the role of a gun turret operator, with the goal being to protect your mothership from some menacing pirates. In an interview earlier this year, Gunjack's producer told us that the title was different from Valkyrie, CCP's upcoming VR dogfighting simulator, as it required to be developed from the ground-up and with mobile gaming in mind. If you have your shiny new Gear VR all set up, you can grab Gunjack right now from the Oculus store for $10.Slideshow-342508

Samsung's consumer Gear VR is available now for $99

November 20, 2015 - 10:21am

We knew it was coming, but now it's finally here. Samsung's newly improved virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, is launching today in the US for $99. This iteration of the Gear VR is, without a doubt, the most consumer-ready VR headset to date. One of its downsides is that it only works with Samsung's latest smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ -- but that's great news for people who own handsets. As you may recall, Samsung's Gear VR is powered by Oculus software, and services like Hulu have already announced compatibility with the device. If you're Stateside, you can grab the Gear VR now from retailers including Amazon and Best Buy. As for worldwide availability, an Oculus spokesperson says that will be announced "soon."

Source: Oculus

7 awesome gaming gifts

November 20, 2015 - 10:00am

Winter is coming. And with it also comes the need to show the loved ones in your life just how much you care for them by spending, spending, spending on gifts. Trouble is, there are just so many options to choose from. What you really need is someone, some outside force to hold your credit card-holding hand. And boy, do we have some suggestions for you. Happy Holidays! You're very welcome.

Chances are you know someone you hold dear who just loves video games. Heck, that person might even make a living from playing them online for an audience. Whatever the case may be, there's no better way to treat the gaming enthusiast in your life this holiday season than with a fresh new console and some interactive art. Take a peek at our picks below.


Image credit: SSPL via Getty Images

Watch live streamers play developers at their own games for charity

November 20, 2015 - 9:42am

Erin Robinson Swink, developer of the hand-painted space-physics game, Gravity Ghost, has a simple reason driving her passion for green energy and environmental advocacy: asthma. "I remember how awful it was needing an inhaler as a kid," she says. Air pollution -- driven in large part by burning coal -- contributed to her respiratory disease.

Today, Robinson Swink is combining her love of game development and clean energy for a three-day event called Beat the Dev on Twitch. The show is live now, and it promises to feature developers behind Borderlands 2, Uncharted 3, Super Meat Boy, Octodad, Nuclear Throne, Journey, Darksiders II and 17 others playing their own games against a lineup of live-streamers. Donations made during the event will benefit The Sierra Club and its clean-air, green-energy advocacy efforts.

The prison-building simulator that makes you part of the problem

November 20, 2015 - 7:55am

​It wasn't supposed to be this way. I started off with altruistic intentions. I was going to create a spacious, roomy penitentiary. I was going to double the minimum size of cells. There was going to be a big yard, with a pool table and TVs. This was going to be a decent prison; a social service. But then I ended up blowing the upfront from my grants on all that square footage – plus, I needed guards, a warden; then, when the money started to tighten, an accountant to find tax loopholes – and the next thing I knew I was in the red. Look, there's Andrew Brown, in for 23 years for arson. He has four sons. And now he has no choice but to to use an open-air toilet in the center of a holding cell because I'm too cheap to build walls around it. I've stripped this little avatar of his dignity. I'm starting to feel ashamed.

Then it dawned on me: This isn't a resort; this is a prison. It's big business and I'm its architect, and I'm losing because I took my eye off the prize. I need to be focused on selling my prison for profit, not getting bogged down in frivolous niceties. And, I suspect, that's exactly what Prison Architect, a PC strategy game from Introversion Software, wanted me to feel.

The best stories in 'Fallout 4' are the ones you can't spoil

November 20, 2015 - 7:08am

A few weeks ago, a malicious person created a new user account on Engadget (a time-consuming process in its own right) and dropped a massive pair of Fallout 4 spoilers in the comments of my Pip-Boy edition write-up. Why? Because some people just want to destroy the fun of others. I absentmindedly read these "comments" and was bummed out because I thought the game I'd been waiting for since 2009 had been ruined. As it turns out, that wasn't the case.


'The Martian VR' teaser flies Gear VR owners to the planet's surface

November 20, 2015 - 6:00am

Adding a highlight to the new $99 Gear VR headset launching today, Samsung and Fox are delivering a preview of The Martian VR. When the full experience launches, it will take people directly into the shoes of Matt Damon's character Mark Watney after being stranded on Mars. That 15 to 20 minute virtual reality trip will launch for "tethered headsets" next year, but today anyone with any of Samsung's new phones and one of the headset add-ons can take a flight right down to the red planet's surface and experience "key scenes" in full 360-degree VR.

Sony is adding PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility to the PS4

November 19, 2015 - 9:20pm

Sony and Electronic Arts have a Star Wars: Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle available right now and with it comes a quartet of games from a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away (or at least as far as the PlayStation 2 era). Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars Racer: Revenge and Super Star Wars come with the bundle via a single download code, and all bar one appear to be the original PS2 games running in emulation. The discovery comes via the tech-minded folks over at Digital Foundry who spotted a number of clues suggesting backwards compatibility had finally arrived. The evidence is in the details. As DF noted, the sophomore console's select and start buttons have been mapped to either side of the DualShock 4's touchpad, something only Sony, rather than Lucasarts Interactive can do.

Source: Eurogamer